Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Teaching with Tot Books

In my post Tot Books for your Toddler, I walked you through how to make a Tot Book. In this post, I will discuss how to use Tot Books with your child in an effective way.

Note: The learning materials I use for Tot Books can be found on Go to this site to find and download the printables for Tot Books and a ton of other awesome kid stuff.

How do I use a Tot Book?
Tot Books can be used as an introduction to concepts, for guided learning (working with a parent) or as independent play for the child.
 Checking out her new Farm Tot Book.

Here are a few suggested activities:

 Matching cards (colors, animals, heads and tails):
1. Spread out all of the cards on the floor and have have your child pick up the matches independently or you can call out specific matches to find.
2. Keep one set of cards in your hand and lay out the other set in front of your child. Hand the child one of your cards and he/she has to find its match.
3. Turn the cards upside down and play a memory game.
Animal Matching

Heads and Tails

 Size sequencing cards:
1. Discuss the terms "big" and "little". Model with objects in the room. Lay out the cards in random order in front of the child. Have the child pick up one that is "big". Then have them pick up one that is "little".
2. Use names for the cards to help them remember the order. My daughter likes referring to the cards as Mommy Bear, Daddy Bear, Big Sister Bear, and Little Brother Bear, so we use that strategy to help her remember how to order things from biggest to smallest and vice versa.
3. An alternative to putting the cards in a line, would be to try laying the cards one on top of the other. This may provide a clearer visual for which card is bigger than the other.
 Tractor Size Sequencing

 Coloring Books and Mini Books:
1. Read the books with the child, pointing to each word as you say them and color accordingly.
2. When child is familiar with book, read it again but leave out key words and have the child use the picture to finish the sentence.
3. Have the child tell you the whole story using the pictures in the book.

Alphabet cards: 
1. Use the cards as a visual while singing the alphabet; pointing to each letter as you sing.
2. Show the child a card and have him/her pick out the letter you name. For example, you would hold up the card that says DEF and ask the child which letter is F? You can also do this for letter sounds when the child is ready.
3. Practice putting the cards in ABC order.
 (pictures coming soon)

Number cards:
1. For each card, point to the pictures with your finger while you count. Then, point to the number and repeat its name.
2. Put the cards in number order.
3. Guess and check. Have the child guess how many items he/she thinks is on the card at a quick glance and then count the items to see how close he/she got to the actual number.
4. Lay out all the cards in front of the child and call out a number to find.
 (pictures coming soon)

As you begin to use Tot Books, I'm sure you'll come up with other fun ways to practice these early learning skills with your kiddo. Remember to keep it fun!

Happy Crafting!

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