Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall Crafts for Toddlers

Pumpkin Circle Painting
Cut out a pumpkin from orange construction paper.
Put small amounts of green, orange, and brown paint onto a paper plate.
Use an empty toilet paper roll and dip into paint.
Press toilet paper roll onto pumpkin creating circles.

Leaf Color Sorting
Go on a leaf hunt!
Dump leaves onto table and let toddler explore while you get paper ready.
Depending on what colors you find, divide up the paper into sections for each color.
Write out the names each color using the same color crayon.
(This makes it easier for the toddler to sort.)
Have toddler sort leaves. Glue onto paper.

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet
(Found the printable for turkey here and made some modifications to the original.
I didn't use the "pilgrim" costume pieces and chose not to print onto colored paper.)
Open printable and print selected pages onto white card stock.
Color with crayon and cut out turkey pieces.
Glue pieces to paper bag.
Gobble Gobble.

Hand Print Turkey and Poem
(Found the printable for Handy Turkey here .)
Print out Handy Turkey sheet.
Paint child's hand with selected colors.
Stamp hand onto sheet.
Add turkey details with markers.
Share with someone you are thankful for.

Indian Corn
Cut out corn cob and husk from yellow and green construction paper.
Cut out many square pieces of assorted tissue paper.
Roll tissue paper pieces into little balls (aka corn kernels).
Dip the corn kernels into glue and stick onto corn cob.

Leaf Wreath
 Go on a leaf hunt!
Cut out a paper plate ring (just cut a circle out of the middle).
OR to make it more fun, cut out a shape from the middle and paint the plate.
Pick off the leaf stems.
Glue leaves to plate.

*The leaves will dry out and curl after a few days.
If you want to make a leaf wreath that will last longer, see Fallen Leaf Wreath.

Fallen Leaf Art

See Fallen Leaf Art.

I hope you enjoy these fall crafts as much as we did!

Happy Crafting!

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