Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tot Books for your Toddler

I love using Tot Books with my toddler to practice early learning skills in a fun way. My daughter loves to pick out the theme for her Tot Books (Dora, Princess, Brown Bear, Brown Bear) and the activities. I enjoy putting it all together into a book for her. I have made several tot books but they are well used and pretty worn out. Now that I need to make new Tot Books, I thought it would be fun to share what they are and how I make them.

What is a Tot Book?
A Tot Book is a small book filled with printable learning activities.

How do I make a Tot Book?
1. Gather Materials.
file folder (I just use the plain folders but colored folders would be fun.)
white card stock
white printer paper
stapler, tape
permanent marker

2: Cut file folder in half width-wise. This will make the "shell" for two Tot Books. Fold the outer flaps toward the middle and crease edges. This should give your book four sections.

 3. Click here to find an assortment of Tot Book themes. Guide your toddler to pick out a fun theme and printable activities. For my daughter's newest Tot Book, she wanted Farm Animals. Click here to find the Farm Tot Book printables. (BEFORE YOU PRINT READ NUMBER 4)

 4. Some printables work better on card stock than regular printer paper. My rule of thumb is, if it is a game with cards or a pocket to hold game pieces then it should be printed on card stock.
For coloring or mini books, print on regular printer paper. I can usually put 3-5 activities in one Tot Book depending on the sizes. Print all needed printables.
5. Cut out all pieces. 

For the pockets, fold them and tape edges. If you don't do this, the pockets will not stay together.
For the books, simple staple the pages together.
6. Arrange activities inside the file folder to your liking. Remember you will need to be able to fold the Tot Book. Staple activities to the inside of file folder.
 7. Write the theme on the front of the Tot Book.

 8. Let the learning fun begin! See post on Teaching with Tot Books.

See my post on Teaching with Tot Books to find fun ways to use these activities.

Note: The learning materials I use for Tot Books can be found on www.1plus1plus1euals1.com. Go to this site to find and download the printables for Tot Books and a ton of other awesome kid stuff.

Happy Crafting!

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