Thursday, November 7, 2013

Give Thanks Burlap Banner

I have a new love...and it's called burlap. I had never crafted with it before, but now that I have, I can't wait to use it for another project. 

Here is my "Give Thanks" Banner.

burlap (1/2 yard)
scissors/ rotary cutter
ruler/ rotary mat
dark brown paint
foam paint brush
letter stencils
hot glue gun

You need one flag per letter. G-I-V-E T-H-A-N-K-S= 10 flags. Cut out ten burlap 5" by 8" rectangles.

Trim the bottom of each flag to make a 2" fish tail.

I was pretty nervous to use stencils to paint on burlap but it ended up being much easier than I expected.
Note: The paint will seep through the burlap so remember to paint on top of a protective sheet.
Center the letter stencils in the middle of the burlap, leaving room at the top to fold over the twine later.

Using a foam brush and holding the stencil in place with your fingers, apply paint to burlap. Dab the paint with the brush (instead of a sweeping motion) to ensure that the paint stays within the stencil.

 Finished the G flag! Only 9 more to go!

Here's a look at all of the flags after being painted.

 Add a few embellishments!
 Now it was time to put the flags on the twine. We attached the flags with clips at first to figure out the proper placement.
Cut the twine to the desired length. Fold the top of each flag over the twine. Hot glue it into place.
Note: You may want to wear gloves or use a ruler for this step. The hot glue will seep through the burlap.

 Hang the banner and remember to "give thanks" for all that you are thankful for.

Happy Crafting!

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