Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reindeer with Shapes

My daughter came up to me this morning and asked if we could do a craft. Of course we can! So I looked through my archive of craft activities and found one that we didn't get a chance to complete before Christmas.

This adorable Reindeer craft uses basic shapes to make a fun and simple craft for toddlers.
(Click on pic to make larger)
construction paper
glue stick
googly eyes

1) Cut out shapes of varying sizes to make three reindeer faces.
2) Separate the materials needed for each reindeer into piles.
3) Starting with the largest reindeer (or what my daughter calls the daddy reindeer), have your child glue the nose, eyes, and antlers onto the head. Repeat with the other (mommy and baby) reindeer.
4) Once all of the reindeer are put together, have your child stack them on a piece of construction paper from smallest to largest and glue down.

***My toddler is getting good at using a glue stick by herself but I'm always right next to her to help out if she gets frustrated.

While making crafts, I ask learning questions to enrich the activity.

Learning Questions:
What shapes do you see?
What shape are the reindeer's eyes?
Where should the reindeer's nose go?
How many eyes (nose, antlers) do reindeer have?
How many sides does a square (rectangle, circle) have?
Which reindeer is the largest(medium size, smallest)?

(Click on pic to make larger)

For a step by step tutorial of this need craft, see Housing a Forest.

Happy Crafting!

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