Friday, December 20, 2013

Baby and Toddler Leg Warmers

If you are like me, changing diapers all day and/or taking your toddler to the potty several times a day, you probably feel like all you do is dress and undress your children. In the summer, this isn't too bad because I'll have my daughter run around in a dress and my baby in a onesie, but it is too cold to leave their legs bare in the winter. Putting leg warmers on babies/toddlers is the perfect solution! I've decided that it is time for me to try my hand at making baby leg warmers. Here it goes!

Adult Knee High Socks
Ruler (or just estimate)
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine

Lay out your knee high socks onto a flat surface. 
Note: You don't need a rotary mat for this project, I just tend to always use it when I am crafting.
 Make a cut right above the heel. This will detach the foot of the sock.
With the foot of the sock, cut off the heel and the toe section. This will leave about a 4 inch section.
 Fold the 4 inch foot section inside itself to where the ends are together. 
Flip this piece inside out to where the wrong side is facing out.
 Align the folded foot section with the cut off end of the leg section to where all of the ends are together.
 The ends tend to roll so you will have to do your best to keep them flat.
Using your sewing machine, sew the leg section and folded foot section together. 
I followed the line between the black and yellow stripes to ensure a straight stitch.
Remember to back stitch at the beginning and end.
 Remove from the sewing machine and cut off the excess material.
Pull down on the smaller piece which will turn it right side out again.
 You finished one leg warmer, now complete the other one the exact same way.
   All finished! That wasn't too difficult. 
Now for my little princess to try them on...
 I'd say they turned out pretty darn cute!
Now if I can only find some boyish knee high socks to make a pair for my son...

Happy Crafting!

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