Monday, December 23, 2013

Simple Personalized Christmas Stockings

Christmas is almost here! Having family come in town over the holidays always adds to the excitement. Since our family members are kind enough to make the trip to our house for the holidays, I like to make sure that Christmas is extra special for them. One thing I like to do for my guests is to make each one of them a personalized Christmas stocking. Here is a simple way to make cute personalized stockings. Once finished, don't forget to fill them with treats!

Inexpensive stockings ($1.99 each from Walmart)
Scrap Fabric
4 inch letters in your favorite font
Heat N Bond Iron on Adhesive

I cut out 4 inch letters using the Storybook font with my cricut.
You can also print out letters onto cardstock or purchase traceable letters from a craft store.
Lay the letters backward onto the Heat N Bond paper side.
Trace the letters with a pencil.
Cut a block out around each traced letter.  
Lay out letter blocks onto the wrong-side of the fabric.
Using medium-high heat, press with an iron for several seconds.
Let cool.
Cut out fabric letters.
Remove the paper backing from the fabric. 
This should leave a shiny side to the back of the fabric.
Place letters onto stockings.
I placed my letters about 3 inches below the trim on the stocking.
Using a iron again, press the letter adhering it to the stocking.
(See picture below before ironing.) 
I recommend using a cloth between the iron and stocking to prevent damage.

Note: In the past, I've also added a matching fabric trim to the stocking
but this year I liked the trim that was already on the stocking.

Happy Crafting!

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